Dweller's Digest: Apartments aren't just for your 20's

We love designing for different demographics and this week we're talking about leaving the 20's zone. Just imagine...your well into your career, possibly starting your family, enjoy the finer things in life and convenience. What better way to live than in a beautiful, luxe apartment with all the amenities and finishes - without the upkeep of owning a home? This week we'll share all of our ideas for those who are looking for just that. 


Smaller Space, Higher Quality  |  Luxury finishes are top of the list for these young professionals and young families. With a boom in their career, they want life in a plush pad to call home.  It's less about space and more about creating a boutique quality in the design.

Proximity to City Living  | With less time to leisure in their schedule, since their careers are taking the lead and they're starting their families, the need for convenience is important. The ability to walk to the grocery store or just grab a drink with a friend is key in their apartment decision.  Instead of investing in a home, they're able to attain a lifestyle within the city without the cost of home ownership. It even gives young families flexibility to live within their school district of choice, making apartment dwelling even more appealing.

Low Maintenance  |  Who wants to spend their weekend mowing grass or changing air filters? Living in an apartment community allows these dweller's to spend their weekends unwinding from their heavy workload and spending time with their little ones. Relaxing by the pool, grabbing a cocktail at local spot, or a family hike are exactly how they envision their time. 


"Having an easy, short commute is vital to me, and living in an apartment community near my office makes that possible. I also enjoy all the amenities of my building, like the gym & pool area and using them saves me money on membership fees to a fitness club. Lastly, it's comforting as a single woman living alone to be in a secured building where limited people have access to my front door!" - Niki, Raleigh dweller in her 30's


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